A great gift but also an amazing way to embrace your body and celebrate yourself! A majority of my boudoir work is not public and only viewable via in person meetings

"I’m not going to lie but I was super nervous & had second, and most likely third thoughts about doing a boudoir session. It’s not everyday that you just take your clothes off & have someone photograph you in your underwear. After getting to know Anne during my engagement photo session I knew I’d be in good hands. Yes, I was still nervous to do a boudoir session but as soon as I arrived to the studio all of my nerves vanished. All of the girls that were helping with hair & makeup were just so full of energy, fun & welcoming. Anne was the same. Anne has this positive energy about her. It just seeps from her pores and you can’t help but feel relaxed. You can’t help but smile. She’s a people person. She knows how to capture the real beauty in everyone. All of the smiles from all of her clients are genuine. 

During my entire session with Anne I felt relaxed, I was having fun & it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have never felt this good about my body as I did during my boudoir session. I was so happy during my session that I ended up crying towards the end of my session. I also cried when I got the photos back from Anne. Which my husband loved by the way. If anyone ever asks me if I’ve done a session I always answer yes! It was the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. I’d do another session in a heartbeat."

I have done dozens of boudoir sessions, but only share images if allowed by the client. To view more boudoir images, shoot me an email and we can set up an in person meeting!

Boudoir Reviews

"I was super excited about doing the boudiour session as a gift for my fiance before our wedding day, however wasn't super excited about how I felt about my body. I even sent Anne a text message the week of telling her I was feeling low about myself. I am a size 12 and 38DD and it was hard to find anything that made me feel sexy. I am so thankful I stuck to it and while I was nervous when I arrived everyone was so nice! My hair was beautiful and my make up was amazing! Anne made me feel so comfortable. She showed me some of the pictures during our session and I never new I could look so beautiful and sexy, I hugged her because the shot was breathtaking. I felt so empowered and even said I am going to wear this outfit for my fiancé!! If I could say one thing about doing this it would be that it really made me feel better about myself, it made me feel sexy. The experience was very liberating and I would recommend my friends to have a boudoir session with Anne!"

"I did a Boudoir shoot with Anne for a wedding gift to give to my husband. The experience was AMAZING. I was a little worried and nervous but Anne's confident and calming personality made all of my hesitation go away. This was literally one of the most empowering experiences I think a woman can do for herself. I had never felt so free, sexy and confident. Also who doesn't like to dress up in fancy lingerie, drink champagne and eat cupcakes?! All joking aside, Anne does a great job with this and I can't wait for other women to have an experience like I did."

"I did a boudoir shoot with Anne as a wedding gift to my husband. I was nervous for the shoot, but Anne’s fun personality put me right at ease. It was such a great experience and I can not recommend her enough. Even though this was a gift for my husband, the experience made me feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. I still remember pulling my husband away the night before our wedding to gift him his little booklet of photos. The look on his face was priceless and something I’ll always remember. If you’re contemplating doing this, just do it :) you’ll definitely be so happy that you did! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to do it again!"

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