Hi, I'm Anne!

 I am the energetic, fun-loving, caffeinated lady behind Anne Victoria Photography. I love laughter, traveling as much as possible, any body of water, my hilarious cat named Cheddar, and meeting new people through this awesome job.

I grew up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities and then spent near 10 years in the lovely city of Duluth. I relocated to South Minneapolis in May of 2017 and have completely fallen in love with the city! I also spend a majority of my free time listening to MBMBaM, playing nerdy games, watching the Office, Gilmore Girls, or True Blood for the bajillionth time, or planning my next adventure! I am also an assistant manager at a Caribou Coffee and I love my store and my team dearly!

Photography has had the ability to combine my passions for photography, for people, and for connecting. Through my entire life, I have thrived in social situations and have always loved making friends; and those are two things that have become so essential to how I run my business. I want to connect with my clients. If we are having fun, the photos I take of you will convey that. If you are comfortable while we are working, the photos will convey that! The connection you have with your wedding photographer is so important – we follow you around during such an important experience – comfort is huge and genuine enjoyment is a great bonus too!

I would love to meet you!

This stellar shot was taken by Kellie Rae Studio

Important Questions!

What is your style of photography?

This is a topic that is so important to me. Finding a photographer whose style fits you and your wedding is key to a successful experience. As I hope you can tell by looking through my portfolio, I value authenticity. In moments and posing as well as in editing. I try to keep images *real* and natural while photographing you and also in post processing. 40 years down the road, your images WILL show the culture and style of the times from the fashion, hair styles, and industry trends. That being said, the photographs editing and style should not be what dates it. I have done this job through so many photographic trends, and while I do try some and love to learn more, I want my clients to end up images that will age well and truly showcase the day in the most genuine way possible.

Why Invest in photography?

I believe that the MOST important things at weddings are your love for each other (choosing to commit and love that person is just so beautiful) and the fact that you get all of your people from all areas of your life in one place all at once (how crazy is that?!). When all is said and done, you still have those things and that is what it's all about, but what is a more perfect way to celebrate than having images capturing those important things? Think of how much of yourself you put into your wedding day. Having those moments and all that work documented is so important!

How much wedding experience do you have?

All photographers start somewhere and I was so lucky that people trusted me when I was new. I will never stop being grateful for my clients for that reason. Since 2011, I have photographed 200+ weddings as AVP, countless as a second shooter, helped plan and coordinate some of those, done 6 destination weddings, and spent so so many hours building timelines and going over details for my clients' weddings. I know weddings and I know when to anticipate those moments that make for the best photos - when hugs happen, when laughing is the most genuine, when things are crazy but the most fun. That 10 years of experience I have is part of the investment you make when booking me. It's more than the photos, it's the experiences at weddings, with clients, with editing, with gear, etc.



“There truly are not enough words to describe how amazing Anne is as a photographer and as a person. I am one that typically loathes the thought of having pictures taken, but Anne's enthusiastic personality and immense skill made it one of the highlights of our wedding day. I cannot imagine having anyone else capture this moment for us.”